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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Krishna Pincode / Post Office Search (KRISHNA, Andhra Pradesh)

Adavinekkalam B.O 521212KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Agniparru B.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Akunuru S.O 521245KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Allapuram B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Alluru B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ambapuram B.O 520012KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Aminapuram B.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Anigandlapadu B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Anumanchipalli B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Atkur B.O 521286KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Atkuru B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Aukiripalli S.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Azzampudi B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Bacon Factory S.O 521102KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Bahubalendrunigudem B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Balusupadu B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Bandipalem B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Bhimavaram B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Bobbellapadu B.O 521182KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Budavada B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Budhavaram B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Buthumillipadu B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chagantipadu B.O 521163KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chandapuram B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chandarlapadu S.O 521182KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chandrala B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chandrgudem B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chavutapalli B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Cheemalapadu B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chennaraopalem B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Cheruvu Madhavaram B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chevitikallu B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chevutur B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chikkavaram B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chillakallu S.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chilukuru B.O 521456KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chintalapadu B.O 521183KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chodavaram B.O 521139KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Chopparametla B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Choragudi B.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Dabbakupalli B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Dachavaram B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Damulur B.O 521170KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Damuluru B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Devarapalli B.O 521163KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Doddadevarapadu B.O 521170KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Duggiralapadu B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Edara B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Enikepadu B.O 521108KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Eturu B.O 521183KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
G Konduru S.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gampalagudem S.O 521403KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ganapavaram B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gandepalli B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gandigunta B.O 521165KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gandrai B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gangapadu B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ganginenipalem B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ganguru B.O 521139KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gani Atkuru B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gannavaram S.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Garikiparru B.O 521165KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gollamandala B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gollamudi B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gollanapalli B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gollapudi S.O 521225KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gopavarapugudem B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gopinenipalem B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gopuvanipalem B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gottumukkala B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gowravaram B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gudavalli B.O 521104KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gudem Madhavaram B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gummadidurru B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Guntupalli B.O 521241KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Gurazada B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Guruvindapalli B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Guttavaripalem B.O 521183KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
H Mutyalampadu B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Hanumanthapuram B.O 521246KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Idulagudem B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Iluru B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Inapur B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ithavaram B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jaccampudi B.O 520012KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jaggaiahpet S.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jami Annavaram B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jammavaram B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jayanthi B.O 521170KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jayanthipuram B.O 521457KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jonnalagadda B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Jupudi B.O 521456KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Juzzuru S.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kadavakollu B.O 521164KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kakaravai B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kanakavalli B.O 521165KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kanasanapalli B.O 521212KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kanchala B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kanchikacharla S.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kankipadu S.O 521151KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kannevidu B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kanumuru B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Katuru S.O 521164KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kesarapalli B.O 521102KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ketanakonda B.O 521456KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kethaveerunipadu B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Khambampadu B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Khambhampadu S.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Koduru B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Konakanchi B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Konathamatmakur B.O 521170KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kondapalli S.O 521228KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Konduru B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kontalapalli B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kotikalapudi B.O 521456KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Krishnapuram B.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kuderu B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Kuntamukkala B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Lingagudem B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Lingala B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Lingalapadu B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Machinenipalem B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Madhurapuram B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Magallu B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Makkapeta B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Malkapuram B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Mangollu B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Mantada S.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Marrivada B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Meduru S.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Moguluru B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Muchintala B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Mulapadu B.O 521456KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Munagacherla B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Mundlapadu B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Munnaluru B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Muppalla S.O (Krishna) 521183KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Mustabad S.O (Krishna) 521107KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Mylavaram S.O (Krishna) 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Naguluru B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Nandigama S.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Narasimharaopalem B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Narasingapalem B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Nawabpet B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Nugondapalli B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Nunna S.O 521212KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Paidurupadu B.O 521241KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pallagiri B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pamidimukkala B.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pamulalanka B.O 521163KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Paritala B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Patamatalankapalli B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pathapadu B.O 521212KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Peda Modugapalli B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pedavutapalli S.O 521286KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Peddapuram B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Penamakuru B.O 521165KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Penamaluru S.O 521139KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pendyala B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Penuganchiprolu S.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Penugolanu S.O 521401KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Penumatcha B.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pochampalli B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Polampalli B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Polisettipadu B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pondugula B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ponnavaram B.O 521180KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Poranki S.O 521137KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pottipadu B.O 521286KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Pulluru B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Punadipadu B.O 521151KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Purushothapatnam B.O 521101KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Putrela B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Raghavapuram B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Ramireddipalli B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Rayanapadu B.O 521241KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Repudi B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Royyur B.O 521151KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Rudravaram B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Rudravaram B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Sagguru B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Saipuram B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Sanagapadu B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Savaragudem B.O 521107KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Shermohammadpet B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Sobhanapuram B.O 521211KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Somavaram B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Srirangapuram B.O 521247KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Subbayyagudem B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Sunnampadu B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Surampalli B.O 521212KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Tadanki B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Tadepalli B.O 520012KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Takkellapadu B.O 521175KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Talluru B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Telaprolu S.O 521109KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Tempalli B.O 521286KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Thotaravulapadu B.O 521183KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Thotlavalluru S.O 521163KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Tirumalagiri B.O 521178KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Tiruvuru S.O 521235KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Tolukodu B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Torragudipadu B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Turlapadu B.O 521183KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vallampatla B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vatsavai S.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Veerapanenigudem B.O 521286KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Veeravalli S.O 521110KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Veerullapadu S.O 521170KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Velagaleru B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vellanki B.O 521181KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vellaturu B.O 521229KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Velpuru B.O 521104KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Velpuru B.O 521256KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Velvdam B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vemavaram B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vemireddipalle B.O 521227KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vemulanarva B.O 521402KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vemulapalli B.O 521185KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Venkatapuram B.O 521230KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Venkatapuram B.O 521190KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vibharintapadu B.O 521182KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vijayawada H.O 520001KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Virankilock S.O 521250KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Vuyyuru S.O 521165KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Yakamuru B.O 521165KrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Zakkulanekkalam B.O 521102KrishnaAndhra Pradesh